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Sandwichon–I Just Can’t Eat Thee

One of the things that’s kind of a bummer about having lived here in Mexico so long is that I no longer notice things that once would have stood out to me as being very different from the way things are in the country of my birth.  These things have become normal to me, fuzzy background details, just the way things are.

Well, today I got to thinking about something common here that is still bizarre to me, even after all these years:  Sandwichon.  Sandwichon is a savory “cake” made of white bread, filled with various meats (typically ham/cheese, tuna, or chicken), cheeses, and vegetables, and “frosted” with a mayonnaise-based dressing.

Sandwichon photo from

In the major grocery stores, massive sheet cake sized sandwichons are displayed–you simply use a spatula to hack off the piece you’d like, put it in a take out container,  have it weighed, and you’ve got your lunch.  I cannot aptly describe how unappealing this massive sandwichon looks after a few pieces have been cut out of it–it gets messier and runnier (and warmer, they are not stored in a cooler) as the day goes on.

photo credit

I must state here and now that I LOVE Mexican food.  I have eaten and loved many, many authentic Mexican dishes over the years, but I cannot bring myself to try the sandwichon.  I don’t really know what it is about the sandwichon that so offends me.  After all, the ingredients are all things I have eaten at one time or another on a boring old sandwich.  Whatever it is, I just can’t get behind this traditional dish.  In fact, I don’t even really like looking at it.

Walmart Sandwichon photo from

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  1. oh I am so with you sistah, even when people assure me that this one or that one is really good! Nope, it’s not, just can’t develop the taste for it! processed ground meats, wrapped in gummy white bread and covered in colored mayo! ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nope!

  2. How in the world have I never heard of Sandwichon? That is the most vile thing I have ever seen. I think I just vommed in my mouth a little.

  3. Omg! And they are kept right next to the other real cakes?!

  4. ACK! That just looks….eck. Vile is a good word.

  5. sandwichon is an abomination, and I say this with out ever having tasted it…it’s not like you can not tell what it tastes like…you know, you already know, I just want to know why? why? why? Ug:)

  6. Is it because it kind of looks like it should taste like cake, but then, just doesn’t? I feel like maybe if the presentation were a bit different, then it wouldn’t be so bad. The idea of a giant sandwich doesn’t sound so bad on its own, right?

    I’ve eaten some strange looking things in the past – check out this bad boy – but I feel like once you can get it to look like something else you’re familiar with eating, there are good eats to be had!

  7. It’s probably very cheap, and very filling, which is what a lot of workers are looking for. Think of the guys in construction who stay in the buildings – no cooking facilities and they’re sending most of their money home to the family. I’m glad they have the work, but have often wondered how hard it could be for them.

  8. yes, I’m convinced! It’s very gross!

  9. And here I was thinking that Mexico was just tequila and mariachi bands.

  10. I hate sanwhichon and I seem to be the only person reading this who has tasted them. For my 50th birthday party, my neighbors brought one, with strawberry jam in the filling. It was really pretty and one of the fillings was made with split peas. So picture a 3 layer sandwich made with pate,strawberry jam and split pea spread on white bread with the crusts cut off. I have blotted out the memory of the frosting except that the decorations really looked like cake. Not that I am a big fan of cake either.

    They are a 1960’s ribbon sandwich that seems to have never gone out of style in Mexico.


  11. Hmmmm! I’m kind of curious as to what this sandwichon tastes like. My sister-in-law makes something similar, but without the frosting. I agree with the previous commenter….maybe with a different presentation, this wouldn’t be so bad. Reminds me of a sandwich loaf cake I saw on TV not too long ago. :)

  12. I think it’s probably the ‘room temperature’ thing that really puts me off it. It sits out all day long–If I was at someone’s house and it was served, I would humbly and gratefully eat it. But I’m not buying it at the store.

    I do have to say, though, Teresa, that I think the savory/jam combo might have made me cry a little bit.

  13. I have a deep and abiding hatred for sandwichon. It’s actually also a staple at any formal Yucatecan parties (with the exception of my sis-in-law’s recent wedding, at which the only food was a huge pot of relleno negro and another of escabeche). It is now a joke with my in-laws as to just how much I hate it. I, however, don’t mind other non-refrigerated foodstuffs that have mayonnaise in them, like that goopy pasta salad with mayo and ham bits.

  14. Google brought me here and I had to comment …
    sandwichon is so delicious! Hahahah my grandma makes the best one ever, with chicken salad and velveeta inside with pecans and pineapple sprinkled on top. Sooooo delicious. So fattening.

  15. Actually I’ve never heard of it being made with mayonnaise. I have always known it to be made with cream cheese, and I like it. I am a fairly picky person and I only like it with ham, although members of my family have made it with chicken salad. So maybe you just haven’t had a good one yet?

  16. i lOVE sandwichon. i have never experienced it as above. only way i have had it is prepared for a party. chicken salad between bread slices. then covered in a cream cheese frosting with nuts and pineapples. it was extremely tasty. But, this one was specially ordered for a party. did not sit out with other cakes unrefrigerated. no mayonnaise frosting. again, it was specially made for the event. love it. will have it again for sure.

    • I love Sanwichon. We make it with chicken salad between layers of bread, covered with whipped cream cheese and topped with pineapples and pecans. The sandwich cake is served chilled along with potato chips. It is traditionally served at baby showers in my family, but a favorite all year round.

  17. I love Sandwichon from the Yucatan Peninsula is the best! And kids love it, is very common in kids parties!

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