Posted by: heatherinparadise | June 29, 2010

Saturday, July 3 is International Free Hugs Day

I’ve been avoiding you again, you see how I am?  I’m ok, just still going through a lot emotionally and physically.

I’m still looking forward to to participating in International Free Hugs Day this Saturday, July 3.  Hopefully some others will join me, but if not, I’m still going to go make an ass of myself and do it.  Here are the details for the Playa del Carmen contingent:

What:  International Free Hugs Day (“C’mon, people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together and try to love one another…blah blah blah”)
Where:  Meet at Carboncitos Restaurant, Calle 4 between avenidas 5 and 10
When:  3 pm, this Saturday, July 3
How:  Dress comfortably and bring your “Free Hugs/Abrazos Gratis” signs, or the materials to quickly make them as we enjoy 2×1 Margaritas to loosen us up enough to hug perfect strangers and spread good feelings, love, and affection
Why:  Today is a bad day to ask why, as I’ve had a rotten day.  Today I’d be more likely to participate in “Free Black Eye Day.”  Let’s hope I’m feeling more my loving self by Saturday.

All jokes aside, I’m looking forward to this reminder of what is really important in life:  Human connections and love.  See you then!

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  1. Hi Heather. I hope you have a tremendous response to International Free Hugs Day. Hope you make a video to show us all.

  2. Go have a great time. Wish I was there to help. Post all the pics you can please.

  3. How was hug day?? I look daily for an update. I wish I had the courage you do!!!

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