Posted by: heatherinparadise | March 4, 2009

Safety in Mexico, continued

Don’t just take my word for it.   Cancun Canuck has pointed me in the direction of many other fellow Mexico bloggers who have weighed in on this topic (I’ve been behind in my blog reading, stupid work!):

Luna Blue’s Playa Zone–Is it safe?

Hotel Playa Maya

The Roses-Standring Family–Is Tulum safe to visit?

Countdown to Mexico–Everyone is on the Defensive

Rivergirl–Is Cancun Safe for Tourists?

Rivergirl–Cancun, Mexico is Safe for Tourists

Travelojos–multiple articles on safety in Mexico–Is Cancun safe?

Same life, New location–She walks in beauty like the night

The Mex Files–Each man’s death diminishes me (not really)

Dangers Cancun Casa–Travel Still Safe to Major Tourist Hubs in Mexico

Isla Gringo–We’re All Going to Die!

The cynics among you might think that because some of our businesses rely upon tourism that this is why we feel the need to address this issue, but you’d be wrong.  Many of us are retirees or workers whose businesses have nothing to do with the tourist trade, and in general we are just a group of like-minded people who have chosen to live a life different from that in which we were raised.  Life in Mexico may not be everyone’s choice, but it is obviously ours, and I for one don’t take kindly to people talking shit about my adopted country.


  1. DITTO!

    I have a news feed set up to send me links to all news stories from the area and almost every single one of them these days is on this topic. HUNDREDS of articles, full of misinformation and fear-mongering.

    I don’t have a business here and the only thing I have to do with Mexican tourism is hanging out with the occasional tourist.

    Would I live here if it were unsafe? Of course not! I live here by choice because I love it and, coincidentally, it’s much safer than the city I moved from in Ohio.

    Not one thing has changed the level of safety in my world here. All is as peaceful, tranquil, beautiful, and beckoning as it was when I first set my own tourist foot here 13 years ago.

    Don’t believe the evil fear-feeding media!

  2. Even though my husband and I won’t be going to Playa this winter (because of necessary home renovations), we will be back next year. I think, as you have stated, a little common sense is in order when travelling anywhere.

  3. My hubby and I were just down in Playa on a day trip from Cancun with our family and felt very safe. Very very safe. Discovered your blog through CanuckInCancun. Look forward to reading. :) Hasta luego!

  4. Hi Darla, great to hear from someone who knows Playa!

    Hi Mrs. Bug! Thanks for commenting. Cancun and Playa ARE safe tourist destinations, and safe places to live, too. I’m really happy to hear from you.

  5. Great info, Heather…gonna pass it along to some skeptical people. :-)

    I stand firm in my belief Mexico is sooooooo much safer than places here in the U.S. Hell, I feel safer in Mexico than I do in some parts of my very own city!!

    As with anywhere you go, you just have to have some common sense. It’s those few bad apples that give the place a bad rap. Poo poo on those apples.

  6. Thanks, Michelle! I guess my point is that a person wouldn’t cancel their trip to Florida because someone was killed at the Canadian border, right? The whole media frenzy just smacks of xenophobia and racism, and doesn’t sit well with me.

  7. Thanks for your comments, Susie! For some reason it went into the spam file, I’m glad I found it!

  8. Mexico is not a safe vacation choice period! 30% of all non-natural deaths of U.S. citizens outside this country happen in Mexico. To read personal Mexico vacation DEATH stories, many written by heartbroken family members as well as personal stories written by victims that “survived” their Mexico vacation visit:

  9. Hey, “BeSafe,” I approved your comment just because I’m in favor of presenting every viewpoint. Sure would like your stats on this. I’m waiting.

  10. Here I am, back again. I’m wondering, “BeSafe,” if getting too drunk and falling off your hotel balcony to your death is considered a non-natural death. I wonder only because it it this similar type of preventable, but tragic death that seems to be most common here for foreigners in Mexico on vacation.

  11. Heather as far as “besafe” comment is goes, I believe Mexico is the number one travel destination for Americans, so 30 %, if that number is even true, would that even be a number to be alarmed with? I grew up in Detroit, I can’t see a touristy place in Mexico being anywhere near as dangerous as there!

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