Posted by: heatherinparadise | October 7, 2008

One Year Blogiversary

Today marks one year since I’ve started this wordpress blog.  I want to write a really meaningful post that will illustrate all the important things I’ve learned about blogging and life this past year, but I barely slept last night and am not yet functioning properly.  So for now, just enjoy that pirate cake of my dreams and I’ll speak to you later today.

I do sincerely want to thank all of you for reading along, boosting me up, leaving me comments that make me laugh, and being a friend.  I loves you.

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  1. Heather,
    Happy Blogiversary! I haven’t been reading your blog for the entire year but have to say once again I am never disappointed by your wit, sense of humor and oh of course your sarcasm.
    I am not even a baseball fan but I think your Cub’s posts have been hysterically funny!

  2. Happy 1 Year!!

    Thanks for including me in your laughter, tears, highs and lows.

    I’ve learned a few things from you and I’m looking forward to seeing where this next year leads you!

  3. mmmmm cake

  4. Jackie: Yeah, the Cubs posts will someday be funny to me, too. I hope.

    Banessa: Thank YOU…and I can’t wait to see where the next year leads you. Like hopefully to Playa.

    Carole: I know, right? It would go so damned good with my coffee right now.

  5. I’d leave you a nice note… I might even sing you a LOUD anniversary song… but being as you terminated our friendship earlier today, I’ll just say I bet that cake isn’t even real inside… it’s just a fancy, pretty, skull-encrusted shell covering a vast, shallow emptiness….

    say it ain’t so…….

  6. Char: Jeez, end a friendship ONE LOUSY TIME and this is the thanks I get? That is JUST like you.

  7. Congrats Heather, I really need to get back to my blog although it ain’t nearly as funny & thought provoking as yours. Glad to see you thinking about accepting your Cubs back even if they’re the evil empire :D We loves ya too!!! I’m just pissed I won’t get to Playa this year unless I win the lottery (speaking of which, I should check my ticket)

  8. so now, what? I’m PREDICTABLE????

    hoooock, pTUI…there, I spit at your feet! were you expecting THAT???

  9. Wishing you a very happy l year anniversary, with many more to come!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy 1st Anniversary HeatherinParadise!! Looking forward to the next year!!

  11. Happy Blogiversary and many many more!

    I didn’t realize our blogs were so close in age, I started mine end of October last year. We should set our blogs up on a play date.

  12. Happy blogiversary!! That is great – Looking forward to more fun reads in the years to come!!

  13. Yay!!! Happy Blogiversary!!


  14. Congratulations Heather – Happy Blogiversary. I’ve enjoyed every one of your postings. Never sure what yer gonna get … but it’s always good. Here’s to another year – Cheers!


  15. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Thank you for always making me laugh my ass off….
    Besos my dear friend, BIG BESOS!

  16. Congrats! Time sure flies!
    My second is coming up soon.
    I have really enjoyed your blog and will keep enjoying it!

  17. Heather, my love. The pleasure has been all ours. Don’t ever stop!

    (loved the idea of blogs having play dates!)

  18. I’m so happy you started blogging a year ago today! Happy anniversary and thank YOU for the gift that keeps on giving!

  19. hehe… I read this, then went to another tab. Awhile later, I wondered why I had a tab up that read just “One Year Blogivers.”

    Like… Blow Givers? Was someone using my computer for untoward searching?

    Anyway, it made me laugh. Happy first year of “weird” blogging. ;-)

  20. I’m late to the Blogiversary party but I’m trying to catch up. Happy One Year!! You are the best!

  21. Jackie: Thanks! You should get back to blogging, it helps. And I’ll get over the Cubs thing, by next year I’ll be yelling at the TV just like always.

    Darla and Michele: Thank you for the kind wishes!

    CancunCanuck: Aww, let’s take our blogs out for a margarita, what do you say? One year in blog time is like 21 in human years, right?

    Cathy and Fned: Thank you! I enjoy reading your blogs, too!

    SarahB: Thanks! I know, I do post some random stuff, don’t I?

    Sara: Stay tuned, there’s greatness on its way in the blog world…muah ah ah ah!

    Purple dragonfly: Thank you, I love reading your blog, too!

    Wayne: I think I only started blogging so it would bring me closer to you. You’re my density.

    Joyce: Thanks! And I have to thank for bringing me into the Latin American Blogger fold…what would I have done without you?

    Susie: I knew you’d come around. Haha!

    Jonna: Thank you, coming from an accomplished blogger like you that is a huge compliment.

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