Posted by: heatherinparadise | October 2, 2008

Meet My Future Husband

I’ve been crushing on Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords for over a year now and in the last few days it’s gotten really, really bad. I can’t stop watching the music clips on youtube, I’m obsessed. And what do I do with my obsessions, but foist them on you, my innocent readers?

What is it about him, you ask? Well, he is gorgeous, in my opinion, but what really gets me is his sense of humor and willingness to do ANYTHING, including making himself look ridiculous, to make people laugh. That trait reflects my own philosophy with regard to humor. WhatEVER makes people laugh, I do that shit.

If you haven’t watched Flight of the Conchords, do yourself a favor and check out these videos. If you like them, there are plenty more on youtube.

Most Beautiful Girl

Business Time


  1. First of all, if you’re a Jemaine fan you will have to stand in line behind me…I saw him first!

    Second of all, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to rent “Eagle vs. Shark” if you haven’t seen it yet, as Jemaine is the star and gives Napoleon Dynamite a run for his money as most socially maladjusted (but hilarious and lovable!) geek ever.

    Third of all, um, oh hi my name is Carrie and I’m a Jemaine Clement fan too! :)

  2. Carrie: Hi! It’s only fair that I wait in line, after all, you probably saw him first. Living in Mexico, it took me awhile before I was able to get the TV shows. Sloppy seconds are ok with me when it comes to him.

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep an eye out for the movie.

  3. Love it! I’ve got a thing for cute dorky funny guys for sure. :)

  4. Oh yeah Heather. As a matter of fact, my friend Becky H. and I were just last night listening to her Flight of the Conchords cd in her car. Catchiest and most fun? When they are singing “French”. Flipping hilarious.

  5. LOL! Oh my, thank you. Will I be invited to the wedding?

  6. Yup love him! But I’m married already.Damn. Maybe I can have him on the side? hmmmmm…hehehe

  7. Hi, my name is Kookie and I am also a rabid Jemainiac. It’s an obsession that never goes away, I’m sorry to tell you. :D

    I had the incredible good fortune to meet Jemaine last spring, and I can tell you that he is, without a doubt, the sweetest, smartest, most thoughtful and kind man you would ever want to meet. AND, believe it or not, he is about a million times better looking in person (I know!! How is that possible?? But it’s true!)

    You’ve chosen a man WORTHY of obsession. :D

  8. Kookie you are a lucky woman!

    LOL at “Jemainiac”! Now at least I know what to call myself!

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