Posted by: heatherinparadise | July 18, 2008

Thank you, Sheila.

One of the greatest gifts that would ever come into my life was delivered 39 years ago today, by this beautiful woman I was not lucky enough to get to meet.

Sheila Hahn, who had the voice and heart of an angel.

What Sheila gave the world, and by extension, me, was this little girl.

Who has apparently always looked good in pink, and in hats. I would have fit right into that picture with her and her friends, if only I would have been lucky enough to have met her that early in my life.

But it would take me until I was 34 and she was 35 years old before we would meet.

Which is especially unfortunate, since if we had been friends then, I would have told her the truth about those pants.

When we finally did meet, we fit every clichéd name about friendship you can think of: peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, sweet and sour, bread and butter, Bonnie and Clyde, two peas in a pod. We went together like rama lama lama ke ding a ke dinga dong. In short, we fell in love. There is a certain understanding between us about the important things.

She’s as into Halloween as I am and no one can touch us in the costume skills department.

We get the true meaning of Christmas.

She likes to rest almost as much as I do.

She knows that good men are hard to find, so hold onto the one you’ve found.

Overdressing for every occasion is not just recommended, it is mandatory.

Obviously we have the same sense of humor. Plus, she laughs harder at my jokes than anyone, and in my opinion, that is an excellent character trait.

Fundraising is never a stuffy affair with her. And we are GOOD at that shit.

I lose my words trying to tell you what it is about her.

She’s the anchor that keeps me here. The gauge of what is right and what is wrong in the world. She’s a lot of the things I wish I was, but am not. She trusts people, engages people, brings them under the umbrella of her love and companionship. Without her I would have no friends here at all, since she is the bridge I use to connect with others.

Happy, Happy Birthday, dear friend. It’s you…and me forever, Sara Smile


  1. HBD, Sar! You have friends (including me) who love you very much! :)

  2. Heather, that was awesome. I wish we could all have friends like you.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a good friend. But I wouldn’t expect less from you.

    (I almost didn’t recognize you, Brittany!)

  4. oh my god, that knowing the true meaning of Christmas photo cracked me up…let’s just say i would fit right in with the outlook you two have on life :)

    I loved the whole tribute to your friend, she’s lucky to have you!

  5. So beautiful!! The both of you and your friendship!! You are lucky to have one another!! Happy Birthday Sara!! :)

  6. what a great tribute to a friend! Happy Birthday Sara! I hope to get to know you someday. For one thing, anyone who is close to Heather has to be a kick in the pants.

  7. *sniff* Happy birthday Sara *blows nose as another tear of happiness slides down my cheek* What a touching tribute!!

  8. Oh my…cried, laughed, wet my pants and so did Henry!WE LOVE YOU SARA!Happy Birthday and thanks to Stevie for sending us the link.

  9. Ahhh… that made me weepy! (And envious. :()

    Happy Birthday to Sara!!!

  10. So sweet and SO heartfelt. I echo Susie’s envy status. True, deep, connected friendship is so rare and should be celebrated just like you did here! Happy Birthday, Sara!!

  11. Sara has the wonderful and rare ability to make you feel like an old friend the first time you meet her. Thank you, Sara, for making my whole family feel so welcomed.

  12. omg, I’m wet again but this time on my face.

    I love both you crazy wimmins.


  13. Heather,

    Always know that you have been given a gift to be able to recognize beauty and fearlessly express it. You are a reflection of those around you, so your friends must be angels.

  14. this gets AAA+++!I knew when I met Sara, that you and her were fraternal twins!Love the Female version touch by Joan.It is perfect…I love you guys!

  15. Word to the wise; Do not go out on your birthday with a head cold and drink like a rock star! It threw me into a fever and bed ridden last few days, but I am alive! I don’t really have words to say to Heather how I feel about her “ode to love” makes me a little embarrassed, but it feels good at the same time. Not to mention the red dress, the tea cups, and the pink princess soap; you made my birthday! I love you……

  16. Thanks, everyone, for wishing my friend a Happy Birthday.

    Elizabeth: What a lovely thing to say, thank you.

    Mom: Did you just grade me?

    Sara: I thought after wearing those pants at one point in your life you would be immune to embarrassment. Haha!

  17. In California circa 1987 those pants (and btw it was a unitard) were the bomb! And I, my dear, was the cock of the walk!! LOL:)

  18. that was a beautiful tribute to a friend. you guys look like ‘2 wild and crazy guys!’ i’m always the one down for a costume, but my friends take a lot of convincing!

    oh another thing – i LOVED the comment about the pants! whenever my friends and i see someone wearing something, lets say, not so flattering we say – she has no friends. cuz a real friend will tell you the truth!

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