Posted by: heatherinparadise | May 3, 2008

Change your hair, change your life

From time to time in my jaunts across the vast expanse of the internets I come across a hairstyle that I think is cute. I save these hairdo photos in a special folder on my computer and rifle through them occasionally when I’m feeling ugly and bitchy because I rarely get to have my hair “did” anymore (in my old life, I was a salon junkie).

Well, my hair is overgrown and disgusting right now, so I’m dreaming of things I could do with it if I could find the right stylist, the appropriate amount of money, and the willingness to do more maintenance than throwing my gross locks up in a hair clip every day because it’s so freaking hot and who even looks at my old ass anymore, anyway.

Love the hairstyle of the girl on the left, with the color of the girl on the right. I cannot imagine all that hair touching me during the summer months here, however, so that’s out.

I love this style, but my hair is not nearly long enough, nor is it likely to ever be. I mainly like the bangs and the color.

I’m not about to blow dry and flat iron my hair, so this is posted only for the color.

OMG this one is so frickin’ cute. She’s just adorable, I want to be her. What do you think, could I do this?

LOVE the cut and color…but that blonde blonde blonde would be way too much work to maintain.

Dunno why I think this is so cute, it kind of reminds me of the bad 80s rockers. But in a good way.

Again with the color, the cut not so much.

I love her cute little bangs, but I only dream of having that much curl/body in my hair. She’s all pin-uppy and I love it.

Did anyone notice that every single one of the styles I like has bangs? The observant person will realize that this is because I have one of the largest foreheads ever measured on this planet. The observant person who also knows my history will know it’s because I still haven’t forgotten when Tim Paxton yelled out “Hey Forehead!” to me when I was in the 7th grade and in the middle of a basketball game. It so jarred me that I stepped out of bounds and lost the Westfield Cyclones their possession of the ball. And I have worn bangs ever since.



  1. But see, when I was living in the sauna, I HATED having bangs (which I had and still do and always have because my eyebrows are dumb and the night before picture-day in the 2nd grade my mom had one too many “pops” and cut my bangs way too short and way too crooked and all I can remember of that picture is my forehead) because my forehead is probably the sweatiest part of my whole body and in my opinion wet bangs on a perfectly sunny day is, um, not pretty. On me anyway. Do you have the same issue? Most of those cuts are cute but the most off-the-wall I get is going red. Not red-red, but, you know, redhead. You sould at least live with the clip for now and do something funky in like December when it’s cold (70). You could totally pull it off. From what they tell me.

    Maybe I just should have blogged today.

  2. I love love love the black with the red under…..FYI, Tim Paxton died of a drug overdose in 2001. Thats whatcha get for messin with my girl!

  3. Dont even have to think about it….the black hair cut with the red tips!!!!!You know the one!!!

  4. I could def see you with the one of the girl w/pink and black. You’d look hot with that cut. I need to pick out a new hair cut soon, my hair is getting too long and it’s gonna be long enough to donate soon.

  5. I sent my best friend (a hairdresser) a picture of the last girl! I want bangs like that.

  6. I hope you keep darker colors Heather, I don’t think you’d look great in blond. The funky one with the pink would look hot, hot, hot!!!!

  7. I vote for the short cut with the hot pink on the neck, too. TOTALLY cute, and not terrible to maintain. The pink roots could grow out quite a bit before you’d have to deal with them. I love the assymetrical thing, too. And the bangs.

    I always wanted bangs, but could never have them because I have a big cowlick on my side part. At one point (when I was old enough to know better) I cut my own bangs, b/c my mother wouldn’t let me have them, and then panicked when I heard her come home. And then… cut them all off at the scalp. It wasn’t a good look. I had to wear my hair swooped over my forehead in a barrette for awhile.

  8. The black haired girl with the pink tips looks exactly like my oldest daughter! Except the nose, Amber broke her nose and has a bump. Same blue gray eyes, ivory skin tone and straight black hair! That is a trip!
    I like that one the best btw,and the one with the pony tails, but that one looks too warm. I love the shaggie,straight cuts. It would be way too much work for me, I need a haircut but know that I would just end up with some awful mullet, and no one here has naturally curly hair so it would not be cut right, believe me I tried when I first came here. So I am resigned to long hair.

  9. Yours was “Hey, Forehead” mine was “Hey, Legs”… ugh… been trying to hide them ever since… well, even before… not even a good hairstyle can hide these stems, though…

    You know you’re gonna look awesome in anything… the two tone would be fun… the pink and black especially…

  10. I was trying to grow my hair out to look like the last pic. But I have lost my patience and have an appt tomorrow to get it chopped off into a bob. Let’s be realistic. Long hair with a newborn and a toddler? Yeah, right.

    I vote for the black/pink do as well. You could so pull it off.

  11. Looks like a concensus has been acheived regarding your new hairstyle!! You are way braver than I. I’ve had the same haircut since 5th grade when my mother finally stopped giving me “the bowl”

  12. I’m not feeling you blonde baby- you’re kind too on top o things to really pull it off! I mean you don’t even drink cockroach water! Cha. I totally dig on that flippy style with the red under!!! That would look great on you! You fer sure have the face to pull it off- with class! Go gurl- but umm get it done in the states next time you go- no need to take chances!!!!!

  13. Just went back to dark brown/red last October from blonde. Tried the bang thing, but hate them in my face!! I pull my hair back in a pony a lot and the bangs never make it, unless I want the pony on the top of my head to look like “Pebbles.” Just add a bone!!

  14. Being new to your blog and having no idea what you look like, ….. what can I say…?

    We (I) need a frame of reference.

  15. Joyce: yes, I do get sweaty bangs and hate the look, but what am I gonna do? I am going to wait until September when I go home, ’cause I just can’t deal with any hair touching me in the summer here.

    Amy: For real, he DIED?! Just like his old hero, Randy Rhoads. Did you know that I kinda was “seeing” him one summer after 8th grade, even AFTER he made the “forehead” remark. I was an IDIOT.

    Mama and Teetle: Might just go with that one.

    Martina: Do you think your friend could do my hair when I come home? What salon does she work in?

    Jackie: I will most likely stay with darker colors. I haven’t been blonde in years, but it didn’t look bad on me! Just hard to maintain.

    Julie: What kid didn’t cut their hair? I’d LOVE to see a pic of you with the swoop.

    Theresa: You have a lovely daughter, then!

    Char: awww. poor you!

    Stef: long hair is easy…just put it in a damn clip.

    Michele: Cutting hair isn’t brave…it’s just hair and it grows back. You had KIDS. Now that’s brave.

    Lisa: No doubt. I think I AM gonna wait.

    Trixie: Do you have a bone to spare?

    Robert: There is a pic of me under the “about” section. I’m not all that photogenic and don’t like taking pics, so there will never be all that many of me on this blog.

  16. definetley try the black and pink do…I like it too…..I’m with u on the long hair…I like it,but not 4 me…

  17. LOL! You do this too?!? I have even gone as far as to photoshop my face in to see if it would look good on me!

    These cuts are cute. I could never pull them off due to the straightness- they’d look cute until I stepped outside and everything turned wavy in the humidity!

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