Posted by: heatherinparadise | February 27, 2008

Another Sister Says Sayonara to Singlehood

Last Saturday I attended a bachelorette party for my friend Keersten, who is getting married in Tulum this weekend. I have only just recovered from the hilarity that ensued.

The party was organized by Gabi and hosted by Sabrina, but all 24 or so women who came to the party contributed to probably the most fun I’ve ever had in Playa del Carmen, or perhaps anywhere. I took 832 billion photos, but I’ve only included a fraction of those here in the hopes of retaining the interest of all 6 of my readers.

You may notice that all of us are wearing black; we always wear black when one of us willingly crosses over to the Dark Side. Adiós, Keersten. Que le vaya bien! We’ll miss you!

Look how civilized we were at the beginning. Susan and Sara looking lovely.

Kat and Claire making a cocktail at the ridiculously overstocked bar.

Keersten shows up and immediately gets the albatross ‘round her neck. Smallest albatross I’ve ever seen.

Sara assaults an inanimate object.

Let the penis shots begin.

Proper, ladylike English poise.

Gabi shows off her German cupping technique as we all howl with laughter.

Keersten is expecting, so didn’t drink. I wonder how fun it was to be hanging out with a bunch of screaming, drunk women? She seemed to be having a good time.

Pretty, pretty Debora.

Sara and Pia

Blurry, but practically the only pic of me all night, and I’m trying to lick the poster. *sigh*

The Bag O’ Boas makes its appearance

Then Guess Who shows up.

Excuse me, sir, but you seem to have dropped your pants. Sir…sir?

Megan jumped right into my nightmare.

Do you kiss another man’s wife with that mouth?!

Sabrina: Gah, he’s touching me, he’s touching me!

Maria’s moves were as hot as his.

That is one. naked. person. in a room full of people he doesn’t know. I was gobsmacked.

See ya later, whatever your name is!

That was my first time and I have to admit that I’m not a fan of any strippers, male strippers in particular. My ears get hot and I get embarrassed for them. That said, this guy was good looking, if a bit greasy, and we all had a lot of fun screaming and laughing. My favorite part of the entire “stripper” experience, however, was when he went looking for another “victim” and 20 women scattered away from him like cockroaches away from the light.

After all that excitement, Keersten had to be fanned and fed grapes.

Next we headed out to La Ranita, where Pia played “Dancing Queen” for us four times in a row until all other patrons were driven from the bar.

“Having the time of your life”

Next, we decided to go to Coco Maya and REALLY get the party started.

Everyone was watching our sweet moves with envy.

Dutch Eva

Debora spanking a Very Bad Man

Get it, Girl

Keersten, still considering us friends.

The hours of the night were getting wee-er and wee-er. I have no idea why I am making a poo smile.

Sabrina, still looking gorgeous past 2 am. This might be why I don’t hang out with her all that often.

Since obviously we hadn’t had enough, a handful of us headed to Retro.

Anita smooches a handsome gentleman, whose name I did know that night.

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girls in the world? Oh, that Kat, always pulling out the tired old “Floating Head” trick.

This concludes my brief reporting of the Bachelorette Party to End All Bachelorette Parties. Or at least we can hope this will put a stop to this lawless, barbaric custom. My liver doth protest.



    But HELLO! Did you not notice that that’s the same icky stripper that we saw on my bday? LOL. What a hoot.

  2. Elizabeth, I couldn’t bear to watch your stripper videos…I tried, but I just had to turn it off. That is hiLARious that it’s the same guy!!

    Someone at our party stole his underwear. Eww.

  3. “this guy was good looking, if a bit greasy”

    – now that’s a quotable quote.

    Oh how I do love your blog Heather. I’m a fan.

  4. You really DO have great dance moves!!

  5. This is information not meant for mortal men.

  6. Oh, my, a fully naked live man stripper.
    Who was touching people. He *did* look like he was having fun, though. I wonder if it helps him get dates? He could meet a woozy woman in a bar and whisper, “Hey, baby, I’m a stripper. Wanna see my moves?” and then whisk her away. She’d have to be pretty woozy, though, b/c there does appear to be some greasiness going on.

    It looks like you all had SO much fun. :)

  7. Looks like a fantastic night! I recognize so many of those lovely women in these photos…thanks for posting them and sharing your night!! How wonderful for Keersten to have such great friends to send her off into married life! :)

    Oh..and you look HOT!!!!

  8. Is that your little black dress??? You look GREAT!
    Looks like fun was had by all…congrats to Keersten.

  9. ‘poo smile’?

  10. “Someone at our party stole his underwear. Eww.”

    Grody to the max, Heather.

  11. Looks like you all had a blast. Looking forward to the nuptuals this weekend!!

  12. omg, that looks like THE best time… yay for girlfriends!!

    but… totally nude? wow, I would have been under the couch…

    and becky is right, that dress is awesome on you!!

    please post some more approved pics!

  13. The big question is…did they smell the undies? LOLOLOLOL! Sorry I just had to!

  14. Heather the bachelorette party looks like it was a blast!! I can only imagine what the wedding will be like. Please post some pictures.

  15. WOO HOO! That looks like a crazy fun time.

    Why are male strippers the world over so GREASY?!? Is that what men think women want? lol!

  16. I have to add that in that “Maria’s Moves were as hot as his” photo, it totally looks like he’s grabbing her boob! Wha haha ha haha! I never said I was mature!

  17. LOVE the pics, thanks for capturing and sharing the moment. It was great spending time with everyone – we have to do this again soon!

    xoxo – sabrina

  18. We are sitting on thevery patio where this man “graced” or “greased” us with his PRESENCE….very nice time, very nice (:

    Sab, Anita, Keersten, Zay (wishes she was there too).

  19. Where did you find the male stripper? My friends bachelorette is in Tulum at the end of April and we are on the hunt for a stripper/pool boy! Any advice would be fantastico!

  20. That’s my question too. I have a celebration coming up in Playa soon. Where did you find the stripper? I want to make sure i”m going to a place that is reputable.

    • Hi lilgracie. I don’t know where they got the stripper–it was a few years ago, but I can ask my friend if you’d like. Just let me know where to send the info.

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